Late Night

At La Nuit Shanghai, our bar is fully stocked and ready for your evening out.

With practically limitless choices, we invite you to come try a drink that is infused with a sense of familiarity, yet full of surprises.

Open Tuesday through Sunday, until 2:00 am

Bouches Gourmandes

Crevette à la Noix de Coco 椰蓉蝦 – $12
Deep fried coconut shrimp with sweet chili sauce on the side

Calamars 炸魷魚 – $14
Deep fried marinated fresh calamari with chili sauce and Suzuki sauce

Rouleau de Printemps aux Fruits de Mer 海鮮春捲 – $19
Deep fried seafood spring roll with sweet chili sauce on the side

Poutine 法式肉汁乳酪薯條 – $9
French fries topped with chef’s gravy & mozzarella cheese

Ailes de Poulet 炸鷄翼 – $12 per half pound
Fried chicken wings with sauce of your choice: mild, medium, sweet chili, or honey garlic

Salmon Salad 三文魚沙拉 – $24
Salmon fillet, fresh spinach with olive vinegar dressing

Pain à l’ail 蒜香法棍 – $6
House made French bread toasted with garlic and butter

Poisson Frit au Flétan 香酥比目魚柳 – $28
Deep fried halibut fish filet with tartar sauce

Bruschetta 意式香烤麵包 – $10
Garlic butter bread topped with peppers, onions, tomatoes, and feta cheese

Le Sandwich du Club 總匯三明治 – $23
White or whole wheat bread with turkey, bacon, lettuces, tomatoes, Sriracha mayonnaise

Le Burger de Conard 鵝肝漢堡 – $64
House made minced ground beef, foie gras with special sauce

Tacos au Homard 龍蝦塔可 – $38
Lobster tail & lettuces with chili mayonnaise rolled with tortilla

Assiette d’huîtres 生蠔拼盤 –  Seasonal
Eight oysters of your choice: Fanny Bay, Kussi

Tarte aux Pommes Wonton 蘋果餛飩 – $9
Deep fried apple sauce with wonton cover